There are lots of quirky activities in Abu Dhabi. Go full force at Ferrari World, sink a hole-in-one at a luxury golf club, or opt for a traditional activity like haggling at a souk. We’ve put together a list of 10 fun things to do while you’re enjoying your stay in Abu Dhabi…

1. Take a 4x4 tour

Standing in the heart of Abu Dhabi, with its gravity-defying buildings, it’s easy to forget you’re in the middle of a desert. So, take a 4x4 tour to get out there and experience the sandy landscape that’s all around you. Once you’ve taken on the sand dunes continue your adventure with a visit to Al Ain, the ‘Garden City’ which stands as a green oasis in the desert. Hop on with our Deluxe Ticket and enjoy our Al Ain city day tour to experience traditional forts, palaces, museums, and an ancient tomb.

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Deluxe Ticket

2. See a magic carpet

If you’re wondering what to do in Abu Dhabi, it’s worth a visit to the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque while you’re here, as it’s one of city’s most famous buildings. Although it may not sound jaw dropping at first, we recommend making your way to the main prayer hall, where you’ll see the world’s largest hand-made carpet. It took 2 years to weave and covers an incredible 5,700 square metres (18,701 feet), that’s almost the size of a football pitch.

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Red & Green Route, Stop: Sheikh Zayed Mosque

3. Get wet with the jet set

Venture out to Yas Island, the place where Abu Dhabi comes out to play. Yas Waterworld is said to be the world’s biggest water park, and it certainly feels like it. With over 40 slides, rides and attractions waiting to be conquered, there’s a huge variety of ways to have fun and make a splash. It’s always a great activity to do in Abu Dhabi with kids, let them choose from wave machines, rafts and waterfalls to cool off from the heat. 

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Green Route, Stop: Yas Waterworld

4. Drive yourself crazy

While you’re on Yas Island, make sure to visit Ferrari World. The whole place is dedicated to everything Ferrari and Formula 1. Take a ride on Formula Rossa, the world’s fastest roller coaster, or cycle the Formula 1 racetrack, it’s free for visitors every Tuesday. And if that’s not enough, did you know our deluxe tickets gives you the option to enjoy panoramic views of Yas Island on board a luxury yacht? Arguably the best way to get a taste of the VIP lifestyle.

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Green Route, Stop: Ferrari World

5. Go shopping

Okay, it had to feature at some point. If you’re looking for top-end fashion shopping, the Avenue at Etihad Towers is well worth a visit. Head to The Observation Deck at 300 when you need a break, it’s the highest viewing platform in Abu Dhabi and one of the best ways to get a 360° view of the beautiful city. What’s more, if you’ve purchased our Deluxe Ticket already, entry is 50% off.

Abu Dhabi Mall and Marina Mall also have a huge selection of stores, ranging from designer brand names to supermarkets that will keep you occupied for hours. Then there’s Yas Mall, the ultimate shopping destination, located at the centre of Yas Island.

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Red Route, Stops: Etihad Towers, Abu Dhabi Mall and Marina Mall
Green Route, Stop: Yas Mall

6. Prop up a building

How about some sightseeing in Abu Dhabi? Giving the Leaning Tower of Pisa a run for its money, The Capital Gate building seems to defy gravity, leaning an incredible 18 degrees from the horizontal. Once you’ve got your breath back, it’s time for one of those ‘look at me holding up the building’ photos, a rite of passage for anyone visiting Abu Dhabi’s tourist attractions.

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7. Visit the Louvre

Saadiyat Island is shaping up to be an important centre for the arts, with the Louvre finding its home here and the Guggenheim Museum opening soon. Take a trip to the Louvre and explore the museum’s galleries, take in an exhibition, or attend a cultural event. A visit to Abu Dhabi isn’t complete without a stop here, and this point of interest is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

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Red Route, Stop: Louvre Museum

8. Swing your clubs

If you’re a sports lover in Abu Dhabi, why not demonstrate your artistry on this stunning golf course? The Saadiyat Beach Golf Club is the region’s first beachfront course and is one of the most captivating places to play a game. It’s no ordinary game though, the course was designed to allows golfers the chance to experience the unique addition of local wildlife in the area, including strolling mountain gazelles, dolphins and the protected hawksbill turtles. Make a day of it and have dinner at the club afterwards.

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9. Go kayaking

If you’re after a once-in-a-lifetime experience, we recommend kayaking as one of the top Abu Dhabi activities. The Eastern Mangroves are a haven for wildlife, and you can get amongst it all by taking a kayaking tour. Your guide will point out the unique wildlife and vegetation as you paddle, how many rare animals will you spot? Don’t forget to take sunscreen, and it’s a good idea to bring some water too.

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Red Route, Stop: Eastern Mangroves

10. See the Souk

Abu Dhabi’s Souk is a modern take on a traditional shopping market. Designed by Foster + Partners, the architects who designed London’s Gherkin, it looks like it’s an authentic Arabian market. But there’s plenty of modern-day convenience and opulence for you to enjoy too. Remember to haggle when you find something you’d like to buy, as shop owners are guaranteed to reduce their prices when you ask nicely.

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Red Route, Stop: WTC Souk

Choose one of these places to visit in Abu Dhabi and you’re bound to sidestep the obvious and make this your most memorable trip yet. And once you’re done making your way through this list, be sure to check out our top picks of Abu Dhabi’s Nightlife.