Ferrari World Abu Dhabi was originally created to showcase the passion and innovation of Ferrari. It’s since become one of the world’s must-see theme parks, with record-breaking attractions and rides that you won’t experience anywhere else. Whether you’re a Formula 1 fan or you just want a thrilling day’s entertainment, this is one place that simply has to be on your ‘to do’ list in Abu Dhabi.

1) Junior GT

If you’d like an aspiring F1 driver in the family, this is the place to get them started. Junior GT starts with an educational film for the little ones, followed by some training from the experts. Then it’s time for them to get behind the wheel and drive a fun-sized 430 GT Spider.

2) Galleria Ferrari

Ferraris aren’t simply vehicles, they’re works of art in themselves. So take a look around the art gallery, with a superb collection of classic and contemporary Ferraris. There are some extremely rare models here, and you can find out some fascinating facts and stats as you stroll through.

3) Speed of Magic

Take a 4D journey with Nello, a pesky Ferrari driver. He’s going to take you on an incredible ride through some jaw-dropping scenery. You’ll dive into oceans, fly over cliffs and plunge into ice caves, with simulator technology adding to the experience so you feel truly immersed in every environment.

4) Flying Aces

If you like the ups and downs of the rollercoaster then this one is pretty special. In fact, no other rollercoaster on the planet goes this high. You’ll climb an incredible 63 metres (207 feet) in a military bi-plane, and hit speeds of up to 120km (75 miles) per hour. Rest assured, Flying Aces is not for the faint-hearted!

5) Formula Rossa

Even a Ferrari can’t go this fast. Formula Rossa sends you hurtling off at a record-breaking speed, reaching 240km (149 miles) per hour in just 4.9 seconds. You’ll be strapped in and wear goggles too – you’ll need them as you’ll be experiencing a G-force of 4.8Gs.

6) RED Show

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi isn’t all just adrenaline rushes and rollercoasters, there’s plenty of entertainment for all the family. RED Show is a mesmerising theatre show featuring dancing, BMX biking, acrobatics and more, all carefully choreographed to create a wonderful theatrical experience.

7) Tyre Change Show

Ever wondered just how difficult it must be working in the pit crew? And what a disaster it would be if the pit crew weren’t able to get things done in super-fast time? This hilarious show puts you behind the scenes as two bungling mechanics try to change an F1 tyre. Perhaps you can show them how it’s done, as you’ll get the chance to change a tyre in the quickest possible time.

8) Cinema Maranello

If you’re a fan of Ferrari and want to know more about this iconic sports car, you’re in the right place. Come along to the grand Italian theatre to take a trip back to the 1920s, and see how Enzo Ferrari first started on the road to creating one of the world’s automobile greats.

9) Ferrari Past and Present Store

From toy cars for the kids to contemporary fashion for the grown ups, there are lots of fantastic Ferrari-themed products to browse through. Why not pick out a memento of your visit, and take a piece of Ferrari history home with you.