Visit Chicago's undersea kingdom with Big Bus

See a penguin fly through the water. Watch dolphins leap into the air. Try to spot fish that change their pattern or even their shape to hide away. Shedd Aquarium is a fascinating world that will captivate the entire family - making it a perfect thing to do in Chicago with kids.

This could be one of the largest aquariums you may ever see. The Caribbean Reef exhibit alone holds over 90,000 gallons of water. There are lots of permanent exhibitions to visit and explore, including exhibitions on the oceans, the Amazon and reef habitats. And don’t miss the Oceanarium, with its dolphins, stingrays and sea lions.

Caring for animals

The experts at Shedd Aquarium often rescue, rehabilitate and release injured animals. From relocating endangered mussels at a development site to caring for a stranded sea otter pup, the focus is on giving animals specialized care. Some of the most popular animals here were rescued from the wild.

A gift to the city

What makes a city truly great? If you’re John G. Shedd, the answer is an aquarium. He was a very successful local businessman, and was worried that Chicago was lacking in the aquarium side of things. That’s why he decided to give his home city one of the finest of them all, which opened in 1929. And you can get to visit it during your Chicago Bus Tour.

Other interesting facts about Shedd Aquarium

  • Over 32,000 animals have a home here
  • Actually, if you count each coral polyp, that’s more like 1 million animals
  • The animals here inhabit freshwater, marine, terrestrial and even aerial environments
  • Shedd Aquarium puts on thrilling aquatic shows and 4D movies
  • You can even see one of the world’s rarest iguana species here