The world is facing many pressing environmental challenges, many of which, are complex and require immediate action. At Big Bus Tours, we acknowledge this and strive to be part of the solution. We are committed to limiting the environmental impact of our operations and promoting sustainability and environmental awareness. We are currently working hard on reducing our waste and carbon emissions, all a part of our journey to becoming a net-zero company. Our environmental management practices are guided by the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).


June 2024 – Big Bus Tours, the global leader in open-top bus sightseeing, is proud to announce a major milestone in its sustainability journey. On World Environment Day (June 5th), the company reaffirms its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and supporting a more sustainable future by announcing the introduction of a further 40 electric buses to their fleet in time for Summer 2024.

This electric vehicle (EV) expansion is made up of 20 brand new Ankai electric buses being introduced to Paris and Vienna, and 20 retrofit electric buses in London, through the conversion of 20 of the existing fleet. The 100% electric vehicles will be in operation this summer, bringing the total electric fleet to 51 (just over 10% of Big Bus Tours’ global fleet). The buses feature an updated livery, highlighting Big Bus Tours’ commitment to being "En Route to a Greener Future.”

"We are thrilled to welcome these new electric buses as part of our investment in sustainability." said Pat Waterman, Executive Chairman of Big Bus Tours. "This EV expansion is a major step forward in reducing our carbon footprint and enhancing the tour experience for our customers. I look forward to seeing our guests enjoy these environmentally-friendly tours in our fantastic cities."

In addition to expanding our electric fleet, the Big Bus Tours' Sustainability Team has been actively engaged in several other company-wide initiatives, including:

- Investment in Electric Vehicles across other areas of the Big Bus Group, including the arrival of an Electric Duck in Singapore later this year.

- Greener Supply Chain: Collaborating with suppliers to build eco-friendly practices to minimise the carbon footprint of operations. Big Bus has recently introduced headphones that use 35% less carbon, and are distributed in 100% biodegradable packaging.

- Route Optimisation: Reconfiguring tour routes in a way that both enhances customer experience and reduces carbon emissions, with a significant reduction achieved since 2019.

- Research and Development: Exploring new technologies to reduce carbon emissions, including battery optimisation, renewable energy integration, and the use of sustainable materials.

- Global Sustainable Tourism Certification: Working to secure certification that will confirm our commitment to uphold high standards of environmental stewardship and promote sustainable tourism practices.

- Dedicated Sustainability Team: A dedicated team focused on advancing sustainability initiatives, monitoring ESG KPIs, and supporting informed decision-making and continuous improvement.

- Internal Communications: Conducting quarterly global sustainability health checks and sending monthly newsletters to educate employees on sustainability practices, with Sustainability Champions leading eco-friendly initiatives in each workplace.

"Our sustainability journey is not just about reducing our environmental impact today, it's about shaping a better future for generations to come," says Herman Wa, Group Sustainability Manager at Big Bus Tours. "We believe that every step we take today, big and small, contributes to a more environmentally friendly tomorrow."