Big Bus Tours is proud to introduce its new product 
Scents in the City: candles to take you back.

“Our tours are about making memories.”
said Alex Payne, CEO of Big Bus Tours. “Whilst you can look back at photos to remember your experience, filling your room with the scent of the city will put you right back in the moment”.

Candle manufacturers were tasked with developing a product that reflected the complex layers of our world famous cities. So with each layer of the candle you burn, you’re reminded of a different dimension of that place. Here are just some of the city scents you can expect to get a whiff of…

London takes you on a journey of floral aromas for Kew Gardens, the polluted smells of West End traffic, ending in antiseptic notes from Harley Street.

Miami exudes the beachy air of the sea, human sweat wafting around Muscle Beach, and the array of Cuban cigars on Ocean Drive.

New York will remind you of just how good the corn dog tasted at that ball game, the salty waft of the Manhattan Fish Market, ending in the sweet smell of cash from your time on Wall Street.

Rome, of course a culinary sensation, with notes of creamy carbonara, sweet tomatoes, and not forgetting Nonna’s meatballs. A heady contrast to the scent of gory gladiators at the Colosseum that follows.

Washington’s first burn is of cherry blossom on a warm spring day, then a nasal tour of paper and ink on Capitol Hill. You’re then taken back to the lawns of The White House with a touch of St Tropez tanning. 

Paris begins back at the rubbery musk of the Metro, transporting you to the metallic scent of the Eiffel Tower. And of course many layers have been dedicated to the finest and smelliest cheeses from the French capital – Camembert, Roquefort and Pont-l'Évêque.

Las Vegas: What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right? Not anymore! Bring home the scent of sins from your big trip to the capital of excess. Relive your biggest and most extravagant nights on the strip, without having to deal with the hangover. We’ll leave the aromas of this candle to your imagination… 

“One scent simply couldn’t tell the entire story of a city. And not all parts of a city smell nice. We wanted to take our customers back on a journey that was realistic and meaningful.” explained Payne. “Hence the sometimes not so pleasant aromas”.  

The Scents in the City vision is for customers to light their candle of an evening, get out their photo album of their trip, and relive the tour. Each candle has between 20 – 25 layers of different perfumes per city. Now EXCLUSIVELY available on our buses and at our welcome centres for just $199 each from April 1st.

With Scents in the City candles, we not only fuel the spirit of city adventure when you’re on a Big Bus tour, 
but now when you get home too! 

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