Time Travel Highlights

Go on an adventure through over 2000 years of history at Time Travel Vienna. This immersive walk-through attraction presents subjects like the Habsburgs, the Viennese Composers, the Vienna Plague, World War 2, and the post-war occupation throughout 7 different sets, with animatronics, special effects and live guides bringing Vienna's history to life before your eyes. Time Travel Vienna is located in a historical vault beneath Graben and Michaelerplatz. Each walk-through show lasts about 50 minutes, and takes visitors through a series of different scenes relating to significant periods in Vienna's history.

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The Plague

Time Travel takes you right back in time to Vienna's last major plague epidemic in 1679. Learn about the conditions that exposed Vienna's vulnerability to the plague, and experience life lived under the constant threat of illness. Discover how the Plague was survived with humour, wine and songs, and explore the legacy left in Vienna's culture.

The Hapsburgs

Trace Austria's rise as a European power through the Hapsburg monarchy, an enduring dynasty that exerted a powerful influence throughout Europe for over 600 years. The set is based on Schönbrunn Palace's Imperial Theatre, and features Sisi (Elisabeth of Austria), Franz Josef, Maria Theresa and Emperor Maximilian revealing the history of the Hapsburgs, along with facts and stories about everyday imperial life.

Vienna's Musical History

Learn about the lives of Wolfgang Mozart and Johann Strauss, enjoy some of their finest compositions, and take your place for a whimsical ride set to a Viennese Waltz.

World War 2

Experience the drama and chaos of life in Vienna during the Second World War in an original air raid shelter, and learn more about the 1945-1955 occuipation period, when the city was occupied by Allied powers and divided into 4 zones.