Walking Tour Highlights

See the flipside of London's refined grandeur and learn about the darker side of the city's history on a Sandeman's Grim Reaper Walking Tour. Your guide will reveal fascinating historical details about some of the more chilling events in London's past. Wander through the East End, a part of town that was once rife with overcrowding, profound poverty and rampant disease. Trace the steps of notorious criminals such as Jack the Ripper and the Kray twins, and hear the horrifying facts and haunting rumours behind local plague pits, execution sites and psychiatric asylums, including the infamous Bedlam.

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Jack The Ripper

Trace the steps of the notorious Jack the Ripper, a serial killer who stalked the East End in late 1888. Jack the Ripper was never found, and his dark legacy echoes in the gloomy labrynthine streets of Whitechapel.

The Kray Twins

Ronnie and Reggie Kray were infamous and eccentric gangsters who dominated the East End's criminal underworld with violence and racketeering in the 50s and 60s. They were once imprisoned in the Tower of London, and there's even a film (Legend, 2015) based on their exploits. Your guide will point out some of their favourite haunts as you wander the East End.

The Tower of London

London's citadel is located on the banks of the River Thames, and is a bastion of dark history. The tower has served as a prison, torture facility and execution site over its 900+ years, with Anne Boleyn beheaded here on the orders of her husband, Henry VIII, in 1536. See the infamous Traitor's Gate and the Bloody Tower, and spot one of the enigmatic ravens.

Plague Pits

Before the Great Fire of 1666, London was regularly ravaged by the plague, otherwise known as the black death, a viciously consumptive illness borne by fleas that travelled on rats. The Great Plague of London killed about a quarter of the city's population between 1665-66. Learn about how overcrowding, poverty, famine and unsanitary conditions created the perfect conditions for the plague to take hold, and journey to the sites of some of London's ancient plague pits.