REAL BODIES at Bally’s Highlights

Real Bodies at Bally's exhibits more than 20 different human bodies and over 200 anatomical specimens that have been donated to science and purposefully preserved to illustrate the inner workings of our bodies. You'll literally get an insider's perspective on everything from musculature to the mental state, presented with flair and compassion. You'll gain a greater understanding of the mechanics of your own body as you explore the exhibition, gaining insight into the function of your vital organs, central nervous system, musculature, and more.

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Chronological Bodies

Real Bodies at Bally's is situated within 11 galleries inside Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, near the Flamingo Road entrance. Each gallery covers a different theme, with subjects ranging from the study of anatomy to the act of breathing, thought processes, the physical chronology of a human life cycle, and more, all illustrated by real human bodies and their various components.

Carefully Curated

Although it's an unusual concept, this exhibition of real human bodies has been carefully curated, and all specimens are presented with respect and consideration. The Polymer Preservation method uses liquid silicone rubber to prevent the natural process of decay, allowing you to see and understand how the body really works.

The Human Condition

In addition to examining the practical side of our physiology, you'll also be able to understand how conditions related to our psychology can manifest. You'll see the impact of medical philosophy and practice, and learn about the positive or negative consequences that behaviours like sports or smoking have on our bodies.

Existential Contemplation

A visit to Real Bodies at Bally's may have you reflecting on more than just the mundane miracle of regular lung function. After an unfiltered look at the reality of what your body relies on to stay alive, you'll probably find yourself considering exactly what you do with it in a lot more detail.