Auto Collections Car Museum Highlights

Located near the Linq's parking garage, Auto Collections is a mecca for classic car lovers and fans of nostalgic Americana. Visitors will be able to see and even purchase a rotating display of more than 300 classic cars, along with collectable vintage machinery like jukeboxes, slot machines, vending machines and cash registers. Car lovers will be delighted with the automobiles on display, which include classic, rare, unusual and just plain weird racing cars, muscle cars, touring roadsters and many others. If you're in the market to buy, the Auto Collections also acts as showroom. Somewhere to invest your Vegas winnings perhaps?

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Vintage Collectables

There's a huge range of old-time machines, signs, lights and contraptions on display here. See vintage popcorn machines, vending machines, jukeboxes, televisions, cach registers, barbers' chairs, drive-thru speakers and more.

Cars Galore

From a 1923 fire truck to a 2011 Chevy Camaro, the Linq Auto Collection includes custom classics, vintage beauties and modern masterpieces. Visitors can inspect the collection at the Linq's dedicated museum, which also doubles as a showroom - everything is for sale, so if you win big in Vegas you might want to return!