KidZania Highlights

An interactive city made for children, KidZania in Dubai will inspire your little ones through the method of role-play. With over 80 ‘jobs’ to choose from, watch your child transform into a professional. From police officer, to dentist, or even a pilot, it’s their choice! In an 80,000 square foot scaled down city, with buildings, paved streets and a functioning economy. Kids can work for pay, open a savings account, or choose to go shopping with their earnings. ‘Zupervisors’ (big people) are on hand to support the children with accomplishing their daily tasks, helping them to build real life skills along the way.

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We all must earn our keep, and for children at KidZania it’s no different. Just like in the real world, they’ll be paid in kidZos after a hard day’s work, and can spend their money on the items and activities of their choice. Frugal children can even open a bank account and squirrel their earnings away. A great lesson in money management.


Kids can experience more and get the most out of their visit at KidZania Dubai with the B.Kidzanian benefits programme. As the young CitiZens progress through the city, they’ll get their PaZZport stamped, collecting rewards and kidZos along the way. A fun way to learn hardwork and persistence.


Zupervisors are on hand to help your children accomplish their tasks while they work and play. They’ll introduce the activity ahead, and will offer support using their KidZania specialist training. Parents can kick back safe in the knowledge that their kids are having a fun and educational time. Win win.


Tiny tots can be dropped off at the nursery (for a small fee) while you accompany the older kids in the family. Suitable for children up to the age of 2 years, well-trained professionals will mind your young ones in a safe environment, while encouraging their imagination, curiosity and exploration with stimulating activities.