Spy Museum Highlights

Washington DC's International Spy Museum brings the history of global espionage out into the open, showcasing a vast collection unique artifacts alongside profiles of infamous spies, and true stories from the world of global intelligence. Discover what it takes to live a life of lies, and learn about how espionage has shaped the world's politics today. Combining entertainment with education, the museum offers a unique experience that will thrill visitors of all ages.

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Unique Artifacts

The museum features the world's largest collection of international espionage artifacts, including curiosities like the 4.5mm lipstick pistol used by KGB operatives during the Cold War, pigeon-mounted cameras, the famous WWII-era Enigma machine . . . and a tiny toolkit, to be hidden wherever the body may permit it.

Interactive Experiences

Live the life of a spy through the museum's interactive exhibits, including the unique 'Spy In The City' experience. Combine it with your Big Bus Tour for the ultimate insider experience of Washington DC.

Famous Spies

Learn about the lives of famous spies both real and imagined, from brave WW2 operative Nancy Wake, to the iconic character of James Bond.

Special Events

The Spy Museum hosts special events. You can time your visit to coincide with lectures, seminars, family days, parties and more.