Select Big Bus Tours Vienna tickets entitle you to a free walking tour, and the Deluxe Ticket entitles you to a complimentary Danube River Cruise.

Walking Tour

Enjoy a complimentary Vienna City walking tour with your Standard, Premium, Deluxe and Twin City tickets. The Vienna City walk introduces you to the lives of the Habsburgs and touches on some of the city's famous composers. Each tour is led by a qualified guide, who will give you an insight into the area's history and culture.

Walking Tour Times

Vienna City Walk
(90 minutes)
Begins at Stop 1: Opera 11:30am

River Cruise

Enjoy a free river cruise on the Danube with Deluxe Tour - 48-hour Big Bus tickets.
Cruises last between 1.5 and 2 hours, allowing you to see the sights from a unique vantage point on the Danube River.
Before you board the cruise you must redeem Big Bus Tours ticket voucher at the DDSG River Cruise Office to receive your river cruise ticket.

River Cruise Times:

Cruise/Route C:
Big Bus Stop 15 - Danube Canal

Schwedenplatz 11:00 12:30 14:30 16:00
Schwedenplatz 12:15 13:45 15:45 17:15

* Boats will not dock here at these times from October 2, 2016.