Time Elevator Rome Highlights

Time Elevator is the perfect complement to any visit to Rome. You'll hear the facts and stories behind key figures and events in Rome's history, illustrated by an exciting 5D cinema ride that will transport you back in time. The 5D cinema features special effects and multi-sensory magic to build a real atmosphere of time travel. Take in elements of history from the Big Bang to Classical Myth, the Roman Empire to Renaissance Italy, and more.

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Two Movies, One Ticket

Your ticket entitles you to enjoy screenings of two separate 5D films. The History of Rome will explain key events in the city's 3000-year history. Afterwards, you can enjoy Ode To Life - a cinematic journey 13.7 billion years back in time to the Big Bang that traces the evolution of life on Earth.

Unmissable History

The History of Rome recounts the mythic tale of Romulus and Remus; examines the rise and fall of the Roman Empire and the plot to kill Julius Caesar; gives insight into Michelangelo's struggle to complete his Sistine Chapel Ceiling frescoes; journeys through Rome during WWII, and more. In Ode To Life you'll explore the fascinating story of life on earth. See the dinosaurs, narrowly escape being a T-Rex's lunch, and join a clan of cavemen.

Thrilling Technology

Using three large wide screens, language-calibrated individual headsets, mobile platforms with motion simulation, and incredible multi-sensory effects, you'll dash through billions of years of history in less than an hour. Time Elevator is a great way to bookend your family trip to Rome, presenting key moments in the city's history in an accessible, entertaining way.

Important Information

Screenings of both films combined takes about 45 minutes. The double-feature runs every hour between 11:00am and 7:30pm. Bookings for specific times are not required.