Looking for the best restaurant in Rome is like searching for the brightest star in the night sky. Every time you think you’ve found it, you discover another five or six that shine even more brilliantly. Just like making a great bolognaise, picking the best restaurants in Rome is not as easy as it looks. As the capital of a country renowned and respected around the world for its cooking, there are plenty to choose from. So here’s ourguide to some of Rome’s brightest culinary stars.

1) Toscano

This Tuscan restaurant is highly regarded for its meat dishes. The grilled beef with fagioli al fiasco, potatoes, and thinly sliced artichoke is a real speciality. These regional specialities can all be accompanied with a selection of wines from around Italy. Feeling the heat? In summer you can even sit outside. Via Germanico, 58/60

2) Vascello

Run by a family of Sardinians and famed for having some of the best carbonara and matriciana in Rome (no mean feat). The breezy outside seating area is a nice break from the heat in the summer months. Via G Massari, 8

3) La Pergola

The only restaurant in the city to have earned an astonishing 3 Michelin stars, and favoured by film stars and an international crowd. You’ll find La Pergola at the stylish Rome Cavalieri hotel, with the dining room enjoying majestic views out over the city. Via Alberto Cadlolo, 101

4) Armando al Pantheon

Located just a stone’s throw from the Pantheon, this place can get busy so book early. Refreshingly though, it’s no tourist trap - delivering time-honoured Italian classics with exceptional service and great value. The locals love it too, which is always a good sign. Salita de Crescenzi, 31

5) L’Arcangelo

One of the best venues in the city for a mid-range gourmet meal. The retro décor and local trattoria style works a treat here, with classic Italian dishes served in a romantic setting. The three-course tasting menu is a real bargain too. Via Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli, 59

6) Il Pagliaccio

Like your meals cosy and intimate but still delicious? Then double Michelin starred Il Pagliaccio is the place for you. Fusing Italian classics with modern techniques, there’s space for only 28 diners so book early. It can be a bit on the pricey side so come for the tasting menu at lunch if you’re on a budget. Via dei Banchi Vecchi, 129a

7) La Tavernaccia

Good old-fashioned Italian classics the way mamma used to make. If you’re looking for the best lasagne in town, you might just have found it. Family-run, chaotic and a whole lot of fun. An institution amongst Rome restaurantsVia Giovanni di Castel Bolognese, 63

8) Green T

OK, so you might be in Rome, but sometimes you’re just in the mood for something different. This cross between a restaurant and tearoom serves exquisite Chinese food, with Peking duck and dim sum the specialities. Eat in the Cantonese-style dining rooms or book a spot in the secret garden. It’s always nice to mix things up a bit. Via del Pie’ di Marmo, 28

9) Pizzarium

Sometimes the best things in life are the most simple. Not so much a restaurant as a hole in the wall (there’s no seating available) this place serves arguably the best pizza in Rome. Made using organic dough, and with toppings ranging from classics like margherita to more experimental ideas, this a great place for a quick bite. Via della Meloria, 43

10) Glass Hostaria

Located in the heart of the lively Trastevere district, this is a contemporary oasis amid the historic surroundings, complete with innovative design and lighting. Expect Michelin star quality Italian cooking with an intriguing modern edge. Essentially, the food represents the same idea as the setting – an injection of the modern into the classical world. Vicolo del Cinque, 58