Like your food varied? Then you’re in luck. Muscat’s position as a port city means it has been open to a diverse range of culinary influences over the centuries. So expect a good selection of Indian, African and Arabic influences. As well as this, many of the higher end eateries offer a good choice of international cuisine. So, whatever you’re in the mood for, you can find it at the best restaurants in Muscat. Check out our list of favourites below.

1) Blue Marlin

Something of an institution in the Omani capital, Blue Marlin is located two and a half miles south of Muscat. Serving up a mouth-watering array of freshly caught fish as well as a selection of international dishes, this picturesque spot is popular with both yachters and holidaymakers. Take in fantastic views of the marina from Blue Marlin’s terrace or escape the scorching sun in the air-conditioned restaurant.

Muscat Governorate, Muscat

2) The Beach

One of the most atmospheric restaurants in Muscat, The Beach at The Chedi serves a fantastic mix of Mediterranean, international and fusion dishes. The fire pits, subtle lighting and spectacular beachside location help to give this restaurant a real feel of luxury – while the varied menu will keep even the most discerning diner happy. Enjoy the view from the restaurant’s expansive waterfront patio or soak up the atmosphere in the stunning contemporary indoor dining room.

The Chedi Hotel, North Ghubra 232, Way 3215, Street 46, Muscat

3) Mumtaz Mahal

With its spectacular hilltop location, panoramic views of Muscat and sensational northern Indian cuisine, it’s no surprise that Mumtaz Mahal is one of the best known restaurants in Muscat. Enjoy an ice-cold Indian beer with your meal and a dining experience like no other.

Qurm, Muscat

4) D’Arcy’s Kitchen

An excellent choice for a tasty breakfast or indulgent brunch, D’Arcy’s Kitchen serves up a choice of western favourites including full English breakfasts, burgers and pancakes. Open from morning till night, this friendly restaurant is a great choice if you’re looking for a bite to eat in the afternoon when a lot of other eateries are closed for a siesta.

Madinat As Sultan Qaboos, Muscat

5) Kergeen Café

If you’re after an authentic Omani experience, the good value Kergeen Café is for you. Located at the heart of the Medinat Qaboos complex, the restaurant offers a choice of open-air and majlis-style dining areas, with rugs and sedans available to recline on. The palm trees and bright, bold bougainvillea that fill the courtyard are lit up at night, creating an atmospheric setting and a great backdrop to a memorable meal out. Sample the mezze for a taste of the Kergeen Café’s best known dishes or choose the traditional Omani Shuwa and enjoy some classic local flavours.

Al Bashair St, Muscat

6) The Restaurant

Like The Beach, The Restaurant is located in The Chedi Hotel, right on Muscat’s stunning waterfront. Offering a fine dining experience, The Restaurant boasts a stylish, contemporary interior, an atmospheric outdoor patio and several private dining areas. Enjoy a tipple from The Restaurant’s award winning wine list as you dig into dishes from Europe, Asia, India and the Middle East. Visit The Restaurant at Friday brunch for a classically indulgent Omani meal out.

18th November Street, Al Ghubra, Muscat

7) Ubhar

If you’ve ever want to try camel, now’s your chance. This traditional Omani eatery is one of the most loved in Muscat. It’s exciting, avant-garde menu is packed full of surprises, with a number of unusual flavours and ingredients featuring prominently. Sample the Omani appetiser to get a feel for the dishes on offer, but make sure you save room for the restaurant’s sensational frankincense ice cream.

Al Kharjiyah St, Muscat 100

8) Bait al Luban

A fantastic choice for anyone looking for authentic home cooked food, Bait al Luban is located in a renovated 140-year old guesthouse, opposite Mutrah’s Fish Market. Dishes are prepared on the premises by local ladies who really know how to cook. The atmosphere is casual and welcoming and the service is fantastic. Try the falafel, shuwa lasagne or the Omani lobster. Or opt for the buffet to sample a wide range of what Bait al Luban has to offer.

As Sultan Qaboos Port, Muscat