If you’ve already had a look at our recommendations for the best things to do in Miami at night or our top picks for the best clubs, then you know just how lively the nightlife in Miami is. Each neighbourhood erupts into a scene of culture and clubbing when the sun goes down, making it quite easy to get swept up in the party scene.

However, if you’re not a fan of the dance-floor or simply looking for what else is on offer after dark, we’ve rounded up an alternative list of things to do in Miami at night. From supercar museums to drum circles and art walks, we’re certain you won’t find a more diverse guide anywhere else…

Channel your inner art critic

If you’re wondering what to do in Miami at night, we suggest soaking up some contemporary art in Wynwood. The Wynwood Art Walk has become one of the most iconic Miami attractions, featuring international DJ sets, an artisan market, art installations, live music and countless food trucks.

Taking place on the second Saturday of each month, the Miami tour has evolved into more of a block party. Drawing in crowds of people who want to spend a laid-back evening surrounded by a world-class collection of paintings, murals and street art. If you’re not in Miami on the chosen Saturday, have no fear as smaller events are run every weekend or you can check out Wynwood Walls on the week most convenient for you. Best of all, every art walk in Wynwood is free!

Red Tour Route, Stop: Wynwood Walls

Visit a supercar museum or rent a classic car

A dream come true if you have a passion for fast cars and happen to be travelling in a large group, Miami Supercar Rooms offers a one-of-a-kind automobile experience. Slightly pricier than other recommendations on our list at $500pp, a group of 6 can enjoy access to the members only auto-art gallery which houses a collection of classic, vintage and bespoke cars before sitting down to a marvellous dining experience.

If you’d rather be in driver’s seat, there are numerous car companies that rent classic cars by the day. We know most people picture riding around Miami in a vintage Cadillac. So rent one and cruise around Ocean Drive, Collins Avenue and the famous Miami strip in style.

Red Tour Route, Stop: Supercar Rooms

Go on a night time helicopter ride

An enchanting experience like no other, looking down on Miami as the city lights up is a mesmerising way to spend an evening. With daily flights available until 9pm this is a unique way to take in the skyline and sightsee Miami. An hour helicopter ride will cost you anything between $150-$200pp so it’s worth shopping around to find the offer that best suits your needs and group size. Remember to charge your phone or take a camera, this is something you’ll definitely want to document.

Book theatre tickets

First opening its doors to entertain crowds in the 50s, the Fillmore was the place to go if you wanted to be entertained alongside the likes of Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope. In the 1960s, the Fillmore Theatre was used as a set for various TV shows including Miss USA and Miss Universe. Fast forward to the present day and it’s now a landmark of Miami Beach, regularly hosting the best in comedy and musical entertainment each month. Everyone from Lenny Kravitz to Al Pacino has been part of the line-up here.

You can book in advance if there’s a particular performance you’d like to see or pop in after an afternoon spent by the beach. Great for date night, a girl’s night out or a family-friendly activity in Miami, spend an evening at the ballet, watching a magician or singing along with your favourite musician.

Blue Tour Route, Stop: Lincoln Road

Participate in a Drum Circle

Looking for an alternative Miami beach party? Taking place on North Beach when there’s a full moon, those who’ve never attended before can be forgiven for thinking the Full Moon Beach Party Drum Circle resembles the opening scene to a cheesy American-teen movie. The reality is far from it, what you can actually expect is a bonfire party held by Miami locals who toast marshmallows, dance around in groups and channel positive vibes as the sun goes down.

Drum Circles pride themselves on providing an inclusive community feeling to all those who want to experience the event. There are not many places in the world where you can turn up to the beach with your blanket and snacks and be welcomed so energetically into the festivities. This is one of them. Look out for the fire dancers and acrobatic hula hoopers who entertain until the event finishes at midnight.

Location: North Shore Open Space Park

Whether you decide to spend an evening doing one of these activities or pick an option from one of our other guides, you’ll be experiencing some of the best of Miami’s Nightlife. And once you’re out of things to do at night, why not check out Miami's Best Beaches ideal for relaxing until you’re ready to go out again!