Frost Science Museum Highlights

Take a trip to space, or dive earth's deepest waters in the brand new Planetarium at the Frost Science Museum in Miami. Learn how humans took inspiration from birds to get airborne, and how we plan to make outer space our next venture. Visit the three-story aquarium, where you'll get up close and personal with sharks, rays and many more species. Finally head for the roof to visit the bird hospital, and while you're there make sure you stop and take in the city from above. The Frost Science Museum in Miami is an inspiring way to learn.

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Go on a visual joyride that both thrills and educates. You'll feel like you're hurtling through space, or weaving through coral reef.


The three-level aquarium takes you to the depths of South Florida’s underworld and beyond. Housing Gulf Stream sharks to tiny organisms.

Inventors in Residence Lab

Get behind the scenes and learn how scientists take on the 21st century challenges. Meet the inventors and watch them at work.

The Building

The unique campus-like setting takes guests on a journey from the ocean to the Everglades, and from the human cell to outer space.