Embark on a unique journey under your skin at BODY WORLDS London, the original display of real human bodies. Now at a permanent home in the heart of the West End, BODY WORLDS brings an experience to London that has captivated over 47 million visitors globally. Immerse yourself in this museum-style experience and gain insight into the body and mind, with over 200 different anatomical specimens that demonstrate both the magic of the human body, and the real effects our lifestyle choices have on our health.

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BODY WORLDS is a museum-style exhibition that displays real human bodies that have been treated with plastination, a chemical process designed to preserve the human body for educational and instructional purposes. At BODY WORLDS London, you can discover over 200 anatomical specimens suspended in different activities, each demonstrating a different function of the human body. Sensitively curated, BODY WORLDS is designed to introduce visitors to the magic of human anatomy, and to illustrate the effects that our lifestyles have on our health.

Real Human Bodies

All of the anatomical specimens displayed at BODY WORLDS London are real. BODY WORLDS is the only exhibition of real human bodies with its own established donor programme. Currently there are over 17,000 BODY WORLDS donors worldwide - each of whom approved to donate their body to BODY WORLDS for public display and educational purpose.

BODY WORLDS Is A Life-Changer

68% of visitors leave BODY WORLDS incentivised to pursue a healthier lifestyle. 6 months after visiting BODY WORLDS, 9% smoked less and consumed less alcohol, 25% engaged in more sports activities, and 33% began to follow a healthier diet.


'What an incredible exhibition. I would encourage everyone to see this to better understand the incredible machine that is the human body.' - Dr Zoe Williams, journalist, columnist and author.
'It's anatomically so correct. It's so educational and yet it is so completely engrossing.' - Dr Sarah Jarvis, health and medical reporter.
'I now understand my body so much more. A sensational and very enlightening exhibition.' - Steffi Graff, tennis player

BODY WORLDS Accessibility

BODY WORLDS London is formed of 6 galleries across 3 floors. It is fully wheelchair accessible, and admission is free for carers accompanying disabled visitors. For special assistance, please speak to a BODY WORLDS staff member upon arrival.


Accessible during BODY WORLDS opening hours, the gift-shop is stocked with a range of exciting items, curated to complement the exhibition. Pick up an exciting souvenir or find a one-of-a-kind gift.

BODY WORLDS Baggage Policy

Except for small handbags (30cm x 30cm), no bags are allowed in the exhibition. On-site lockers are available but please be aware that there is a charge for this facility.

BODY WORLDS Photography Policy

Photography and filming, including pictures taken on cell phones, is not allowed, except by accredited members of the media. This is due to the Human Tissue Act. BODY WORLDS London is licensed for the public display of human remains by the Human Tissue Authority. Under this licence, photography and filming of the exhibits is not permitted, in order to protect the dignity of the deceased.

BODY WORLDS Visit Duration

Within BODY WORLDS opening hours, you're permitted to stay as long as you like. The average visit lasts from 1.5 to 2 hours, but this completely depends on how long you want to spend examining the displays and absorbing the information provided. Please note that once you exit the exhibition, re-entering is not permitted.

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