Already got a holiday on the horizon? Or are you more of a last-minute trip planner? From food-focussed escapes to left-field destinations, there are certain trends that are set to sway travellers in the coming year.

Here are the 2019 travel trends that might just influence your holiday choices…

Foodie holidays

This popular 2018 trend doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. Food and wine are playing a huge part in travellers’ holiday destination choices. Whether it’s the chance to try local delicacies in traditional restaurants, visit iconic street food markets or dine at Michelin-starred eateries. After all, what could be more enticing than taking a gelato tour of Rome, drinking your way around California’s best wineries, or putting Dubai’s mega all-day brunches to the test?

There are certain cities you just have to visit for the food – London for the endless pop-ups and world cuisine, New York for the fine dining and culinary experiences, and Paris for the Michelin-starred fare.

Instagrammable destinations  

These days, if your holiday isn’t splashed across social media, it’s like you never went. And, more of us are turning to Instagram and Facebook for our destination inspiration too. The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the Eiffel Tower in Paris and the Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest were some of the most Instagrammed landmarks last year. And, destinations with huge street art scenes, like Wynwood Walls in Miami and San Francisco’s Art District, have found themselves in the social spotlight too.  

Under-the-radar destinations

Cheaper flights, new routes and more accommodation options than ever make travel more accessible. Holidaymakers on average are taking several holidays and minibreaks a year rather than just the one big trip. And, lesser known cities and destinations are becoming increasingly popular too.

In 2019, holidays to less touristy hotspots will be on the rise, with travellers seeking to become trendsetters of their own accord. You can expect middle eastern cities like Muscat, Abu Dhabi and Doha to pop up on your radar. And US cities like Philadelphia, Washington DC and Nashville to increase in popularity too, as alternative options to the big cities.   

Off-peak travel

Travellers are being more daring with their destination choices and holiday activities, and the same goes for booking holidays. Last-minute trips, and taking advantage of deals and offers are becoming more popular when it comes to planning a break.

It’s not just about visiting destinations during peak seasons either. There are great deals to be had during out-of-season periods, and travellers are being more adventurous when choosing what time of year to visit. Head to Hong Kong or Dubai during summer, and you can take advantage of low prices and tourist-free attractions. Fewer people on your tour will mean a more personalised service. Or, visit Sydney in their winter season for cooler sightseeing and the chance to ski in the Blue Mountains.   

Beach + City

City breaks are more popular than ever, with adventurous travellers wanting to experience the culture and history of their destination. But what if you could combine a cultural city break with a beach holiday too? Enter holiday hotspots where you can do just that. Beach and city destinations are set to tick all the boxes for travellers in 2019. Cities like Miami, Dubai, Sydney and Chicago give you the option of much-needed beach time after all that sightseeing, so you can get the perfect balance of exploring and relaxing.

Experience first

Holidays these days are about ticking off bucket list sights and attractions and getting the opportunity to try something new. They’re as much about the experience as they are about the destination. In 2019, experience will be key when choosing a holiday, whether it’s an event that’s taking place, a cultural exhibit, climbing a mountain or the chance to learn something new, like sushi-making or surfing. Almost every major city boasts year-round events and festivals, so even if you have a date for your trip in mind, see what activities are going on in the city and find out how you can join in. 

Feeling ready to book that next holiday? Which travel trend will you be following next year? Check out our world-famous cities and let us inspire you.