CSI: The Experience Highlights

Located in the MGM Grand, CSI: the Experience is an immersive 'whodunnit' style game, casting you in the role of forensic investigator. Do you have what it takes to solve a triple murder? Play the role of a crime scene investigator in this exciting, hands-on experience, complete with two state-of-the-art forensic crime labs and dazzling special effects. CSI: The Experience involves following a crime from one scene to another in order to unravel the circumstances of a staged murder. The experience includes puzzle solving on computers and group detective work.

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Video Briefing

The experience begins with a video briefing. You'll spot stars of the hit CSI TV franchises, and get tips from real life forensic scientists.

Crime Scenes

You can visit three different crime scenes: a suburban living room with a car crashed through it, a hotel alley, and a remote desert. Identify and gather evidence like fingerprints, blood patterns, and ammunition casings.

Special Analysis

Study your DNA evidence and observe an autopsy for pathology analysis. Check out digital evidence like phone records, and analyze all your materials using scientific techniques to formulate hypotheses about the crime.

Present Your Case

You'll be called to Gil Grissom's office to confirm and communicate your findings. Compare your case to those of expert crime scene investigators, and fill in the gaps with what you might have missed!

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