Ever wondered how some people get the perfect holiday selfie? You are not alone. There is a secret art to taking the perfect selfie and the good news is, not only do we know what that is, we’re willing to share the information with you! Better yet, there's no professional equipment required, just a smartphone and our handy guide for capturing the moment.

Read on to find out our top photography tips...

Shoot in landscape instead of portrait

It may sound simple but turning your phone on its side before tapping the shutter icon will help you produce a better photo. Not only do you end up with a larger picturesque background, you also have more of an image to edit and crop into later. Moreover, most smartphone cameras will naturally centre your shot on a focal point and shooting landscape will ensure you end up with accurate proportions every time.

Explore different angles

If you want to take better photos, the trick is to play with perspective and you can do that by trying different selfie angles. For instance, if you angle the camera down and take the photo from above your face you’ll get a more flattering photo, hence the worldwide buzz surrounding the selfie stick.

If you’re trying to get an iconic landmark like Big Ben or the Statue of Liberty in the background, then it’s important to understand the rule of thirds. The rule of thirds suggests that when taking a selfie your face should be in either the top right or top left corner of the frame, this means 2/3 of the photo is free to showcase your chosen attraction without making the picture feel cluttered.

Lighting is everything

High quality pictures all have one thing in common, good lighting. Taking a photo in natural light is the preferred method, although knowing when to use flash (usually at night time) also improves a photo. Although it’s not always possible, especially if you’re snapping a photo in front of a landmark and want to get in the frame, facing your light source is also a great way to make the most of the best selfie light. When light is coming from behind, you tend to fall in the shadow, whereas having the sun in front illuminates every feature. Another good tip is to the change the brightness of the photo in the editing process afterwards.

Think about the location

However lovely it may be, a hundred pictures of your face and nothing else might make some people unfollow you on social media. Thankfully, hopping on one of our bus tours in your chosen city gives you access to so many beautiful landmarks and attractions, you’ll never victim of the underwhelming holiday snaps again. Take a photo outside the Sydney Opera House or beside the colosseum in Rome, and capture the great cities of the world with Big Bus Tours.


Smiling in a photo shows everyone you’re having a good time, and if you’re on holiday that’s exactly what you should be having. One of the best tips we can give you on how to take a selfie is to act natural and enjoy yourself. Don’t overthink the process, after all you should be relaxing and unwinding, getting the perfect selfie is just the cherry on top of an already amazing experience.

The truth is, the perfect selfie is a combination of things: location, lighting, angles and practice. Half the fun of travelling is fully embracing every new experience, so don’t let taking the best shot overtake the purpose of your trip. Follow our photography tips and remember, the memories you make abroad, whether it be 2 days in Paris or a summer in Hong Kong, will last a life time. And once you've mastered the art of the perfect selfie, check out our guide on how to Pack Like a Pro