If there’s one thing that Hong Kong is famous for, it’s shopping. From high-end designer boutiques to vibrant street markets, the territory boasts some of the most eclectic products, biggest malls and best bargains in Asia. If you want to pick up a souvenir of your stay in Hong Kong, the local markets are the perfect place to start. Colourful, affordable and an experience all in themselves, the city’s markets are a must visit during your time in Hong Kong.

1) Ladies Market

One of the most famous markets in the city, Ladies Market is a bustling, loud and characterful place to start your shopping tour of the territory. Pick up a new outfit, search through piles of ornaments and curios or stock up on toiletries, accessories and specialist Chinese products. If you’re shopping for designer goods, be sure to check labels carefully as copies are not uncommon in this busy market. Located on Tung Choi Street in Kowloon, a trip to Ladies Market is a Hong Kong essential.

2) Stanley Market

Looking for more relaxed shopping? The atmospheric streets and narrow alleyways of Stanley Market offer a tourist-friendly shopping experience in a very picturesque location. Perfect if you’re after souvenirs, keepsakes and presents for people back home, Stanley is the ideal place to hone your haggling skills before you move onto the city’s more intense markets. Once you’ve bought all of the Chinese silks, waving cats and models of the Great Wall you can carry, head to the nearby beach to cool off with a refreshing dip in the azure sea.

3) Temple Street

Head to Temple Street Night Market for entertainment, bargains and a fantastic atmosphere. Open from 4pm until midnight, the market is often packed with locals and visitors hunting for great deals, enjoying tasty street snacks and exploring the many unique shops that line the nearby streets. Listen to traditional Cantonese opera near the Tin Hau Temple in the early evenings, or visit one of the many tarot card, face and palm readers that line Temple Street Market to learn more about your destiny. A great place to soak up the best of Hong Kong street life.

4) Upper Lascar Row

Better known as Cat Street, Upper Lascar Row is one of the best markets in Hong Kong for antiques. Though there are beautiful silks, fabrics, ornaments, sculptures and paintings to be found at this characterful market, you’ll need a sharp eye and good haggling skills if you want to uncover a hidden treasure and walk away with a bargain. Head to nearby Hollywood Road for an even better choice of high quality goods.

5) Costume Market

Indulge your inner child with a trip to Central's Costume Market, located on Pottinger Street. Filled with masks, feather boas, and other sparkling dress-up implements, Pottinger Street is a great place to visit if you're planning a party or simply souvenir shopping. Even if you're just keen to take a look around and snap some pictures, Pottinger street has a wide variety of stalls, presenting a huge range of different costumes to marvel at.

6) Wan Chai Street Market

Want to get lost in one of the biggest outdoor markets on Hong Kong Island? Visit the colossal Wan Chai Street Market and experience street shopping at its best. Popular with locals, this huge open-air department store offers a great choice of products and some real bargains.

An integral part of life in this unique corner of the world, a trip to one of Hong Kong’s lively street markets is a great way to get under the skin of the city. Shop for souvenirs, pick up discount Chinese Antiques and sample local street food. Or simply soak up the intoxicating atmosphere. A trip to one of Hong Kong’s markets is a must during your stay.