Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Ride the world’s largest suspended tank for a close encounter with sharks and rays. Be amazed by over 70 aquatic species on a glass bottom boat tour. Then walk through the glass tunnel aquarium and immerse yourself amongst the underworld. You’ll then have the opportunity to witness the world’s most threatened species through VR. Join a family of gorillas in Uganda’s Great Impenetrable Forest, and swim with enormous whale sharks in the crystal waters of the Maldives. At Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo, you’ll be taken on a nature inspired journey around the world.

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Feeding Time

Stand in awe at one of the world’s largest aquarium windows and get a closer look at feeding time at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. The rays glide through the water and eat from diver’s hands, and sharks are lured in with buckets of fish, bringing you face to face with these fascinating creatures.

King Croc

Weighing as much as fourteen and a half fully-grown men and over 5-metres in length, the King Croc has arrived at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. This massive wonder of the animal kingdom is one of the largest reptiles in protected environment, one not to be missed. And it’s still growing…

The Wild Side

Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo has travelled the world and captured nature’s most threatened species in their natural habitats. A fully immersive virtual reality experience, VRZOO will put you in the picture. Join a family of gorillas in Uganda and swim with enormous whale sharks in the Maldives. It’s an experience like no other. Additional ticket required.

Glass-bottom Boats

See the underworld from a whole new perspective. Glass-bottom boat rides at Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo take you on a journey in the world’s largest suspended tank. Containing a staggering 10-million litres of water, you’ll witness over 33,000 aquatic animals, more than 70 species, going about their daily activities.