About the Field Museum

No trip to Chicago is complete without a visit to the Field Museum, one of the world's largest natural history museums. The Field Museum is notably home to SUE, the world's most complete T. rex skeleton, who can be found rubbing shoulders with giant sloths, woolly mammoths and other dinosaurs in the newly-renovated Dinosaur Hall. There are more than 35 world-renowned exhibitions to visit at the Field Museum, each home to fascinating treasures and artifacts like Egyptian mummies, 5,000-year-old hieroglyphics, million-year old fossils, precious gemstones and cultural relics. Visitors can also enjoy a variety of immersive exhibits designed to reveal the mysteries of our planet's natural history.

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About the Field Museum

Located in Chicago's famous Museum Campus, the Field Museum is one of the world's largest natural history museums, home to over 30 million artifacts. Permanent exhibitions can be found on a huge variety of subjects - from the earliest fossils, to artifacts from past and current cultures from around the world, to interactive programming giving visitors an immersive experience of the natural sciences. Temporary exhibitions, 3D movies, activities, workshops, behind-the-scenes tours and special events make the Field Museum a premier, must-visit destination for anyone with enthusiasm for discovering the secrets of our natural world.

What to See

One of the Field Museum's biggest drawcards is SUE, the world's largest, most complete T. rex skeleton. She shares her home in the newly renovated Dinosaur Hall with the skeletons of other prehistoric megafauna, including woolly mammoths, giant sloths and other dinosaurs. Beyond the Dinosaur Hall, you can discover Inside Ancient Egypt, where 23 Egyptian mummies and 5,000-year-old hieroglyphics reside. In Underground Adventure, visitors “shrink” to 1/100th of their natural size to explore a subterranean world. Be dazzled in our new Hall of Gems. Marvel at one of the largest collections of Chinese jade in North America in our Hall of Jades. Journey through 13,000 years of history in the Ancient Americas, from the Ice Age mammoth hunters to the temples of the Incas and Aztecs.

Ticket Inclusions

The Discovery Pass includes access to all general admission exhibitions, and entry to one ticketed exhibition or 3D movie.

Important Information

Please redeem your ticket voucher with a Big Bus Tours staff member before visiting the Field Museum (located near our Museum Campus stop). Note that the museum features free Wi-Fi, free wheelchair hire, buggy hire, accessible restrooms on each level, coat check ($3 per item), gift shops, dining areas and two restaurants.