When planning your holidays for the year ahead it can be difficult to decide which corner of the world to visit next. Not a bad problem to have but still, one that needs a little inspiration to solve. Head for sunny skies and sandy beaches? Follow the smell of a culinary experience? Or visit a city packed with culture waiting for you to immerse yourself in? There are travel trends for 2020 that might just sway your decision. From picture perfect destinations to food-obsessed cities and the places you might consider escaping to at Christmas time.

Here are the 2020 travel trends that might just influence your holiday choices…

Insta-worthy Destinations

Is your Instagram feed filled with sun kissed travellers living their best life? We thought so. For this very reason, Instagram has become the most influential social media platform when it comes to booking your next adventure. Real people having real fun, sharing their experiences and inspiring others to do the same. In fact, 40% of Instagram users under 33 voted that 'Instagrammability' was one of their top factors when deciding a holiday destination (travelation). Our guide to 5 of the Most Instagrammable Places in the World might just sway you. A 2020 travel trend that could literally take you anywhere. Selfie sticks at the ready…

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Underground Supper Clubs

Ever wondered what a supper club actually is?

“It’s a community of people who are connected to each other and come together to eat
good food in a home setting.” - Sunday Dinner Club

Food-focused gatherings with people as equally obsessed with experiencing new culinary sensations as you. While the theme is no longer a mystery, the menu and the chef often is until you arrive, but this just adds to the excitement. Typically located in someone’s dining room at home, you could get gourmet burgers and beers prepared by a celebrity chef, or an authentic Asian tasting menu in a ‘hidden restaurant’ you’d never noticed before by someone you’ve never heard of. This 2020 travel trend is a great way to discover new places, taste new sensations and make new friends. To find some of the best supper clubs in the world, the cities to visit are Chicago, Washington DC, Paris, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong, Los Angeles and London.

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Mini breaks

If your travel bucket list is as long as your arm, you’ve set yourself a hefty challenge. In today’s busy and expensive world, jetting off isn’t as easy as we’d all like it to be. But this 2020 travel trend might be just the answer. If you don’t have the time or the money to enjoy extended stays in all the places you want to explore, join the micro trippers out there that are taking short yet packed holidays instead. A long weekend away can be just the ticket to take time out, experience something new, not spend too much money and still be home in time for work on Monday. You’ll get to tick off more of the places you’ve been dreaming of and make lighter work of that list. A city break fits the criteria perfectly, and we can show you how to immerse yourself in a new destination in just a couple days. Check out our most popular guides:
3 Days in London
2 Days in Paris
New York in 2 Days

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Christmas escapes

Whether it’s a trip to the Christmas markets or somewhere to stay for the holidays, Christmas getaways are set to be a 2020 travel trend. Experience how other cities celebrate the festive season – if you need a little help choosing one, check out our guide to How Christmas is Celebrated Around the World. There’s ice skating in New York’s Central Park and gift shopping at Vienna’s famous Christkindlmarket. And London’s Winter Wonderland for a glass or two of mulled wine and a rollercoaster ride. Or perhaps you want to escape Christmas altogether and cheers your piers from an idyllic beach with cocktail in hand – for somewhere hot and fun, see our recommended list of Christmas Escapes.

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Feeling ready to book your next holiday? Which 2020 travel trend will you be following? Check out our world-famous cities and let us inspire you.